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BioSoil is our special blend of solid organic fertilizer. Enriched with beneficial microbes and bacteria such as Mychorrizae, Trichoderma, NPK bacteria and Zeolite that increase soil fertility and boost plant growth. Supplemented with the right mix of nutrients to enhance soil structure and texture to maintain soil health for far longer

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1. Plantation – 5-10KG per tree (1 times/ year)
– Palm Tree
– Bamboo Tree
– Tualang Tree
– Banana Tree
– Mangroves

2. Paddy – 300- 500KG per acre (1 times/ season)

3. Fruits crop – 5-10KG per tree (2 times/ year)

4. Vegetables crop – 250-500KG per acre (2-4 times/ year)

5. Landscape plant – 50-500g per tree (3-6 times/ year)


1) How much of Biosoil should be use for gardening/ small farming activities?

Leafy vegetables: 50-100g for each plant (1-2 handful of Biosoil)
Fruity vegetables: 100-200g each plant (2-3 handful of Biosoil)

2) Can it be used as a medium seedling?

Biosoil only, NO. Biosoil should be mix using the seedling medium preparation ratio as an instance 3:2:1 (Soil: Organic Matter: Sand). Biosoil will represents the Organic Matter portion in the seedling medium.


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