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BioActive is our liquid fertilizer, formulated to provide nourishment to plants and enrich the soil. BioActive works by activating beneficial microbes in the soil to promote plant growth and increase the yield.

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1. Dilution rate is 3ml Bioactive diluted in 1L of dechlorinated water.
2. Spray once a week and can be applied to all kind of plants especially fruity and flowering plants.
3. Spray to the whole plant and soil
4. Bioactive can be applied as early as in germination stage.


1) How much is 3ml of Bioactive? 

1/4 of the bottle cap

2) Are there any bad effects on the plant if the amount of Bioactive is too much?

The plant can wilt BUT if it happen, stop spraying the Bioactive and water the plants.

3) Which part of the plants should the Bioactive be applied?

Spray it to the whole plant (leaves/shoots/ stems) and also to the soil surround the plant.


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