Bioguard Biosoil Combo


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BioGuard is our tried and tested organic pesticide made from all-natural plant extracts. This proven formula provides both pest and fungal control and is the essential tool for Integrated Pest Management. Highly suitable for pre-harvest fruit and vegetable plants. Effective against sucking insects (aphids, leafhoppers, stink bugs and thrips), chewing insects (caterpillars, Colorado potato beetles and lubber grasshoppers) as well as common diseases like damping off and dieback.




BioSoil is our special blend of solid organic fertilizer. Enriched with beneficial microbes and bacteria such as Mychorrizae, Trichoderma, NPK bacteria and Zeolite that increase soil fertility and boost plant growth. Supplemented with the right mix of nutrients to enhance soil structure and texture to maintain soil health for far longer

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