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The BioSense Food Waste Composter has been designed for use with organic kitchen waste, reducing food waste in our landfills and repurposing it to produce high quality organic fertilizer for your garden. Two types of compost will be obtained at the end of the process which is in liquid form and solid form within 3- 4 weeks.

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1. Cut the food waste into small pieces to enhance the composting process.
2. Put a handful of Biocatalyst onto strainer as the first layer and followed by putting 2 inches of food waste onto the layer of Biocatalyst.
3. Then repeat the same process, layer by layer, until the composting bin completely full and close the lid tightly, leave it for 7 days for fermentation process.
4. During fermentation process, it will produce brownish colour liquid compost, drain out regularly to avoid high moisture content as it will disturb the whole process of composting.
5. On the 8th day, the soild compost is ready to be transfered into earth hole/ bucket/ pot and cover the solid compost with 5 inch of soil.
6. It takes 3-4 weeks and you can produce liquid and compose at home.


1) How many processes involves in producing compost??

TWO processes which is Fermentation and Maturing process:

Fermentation Process: Watch video here

Maturing Process: Watch video here


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