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Wood Vinegar has long been known as a natural herbicide and bug repellent. However its use must be carefully applied and blended correctly.

BioSense Cuka Kayu is our very own horticultural vinegar formula, blended to protect plants from harmful pests and diseases. It has the added benefit of strengthening roots and leaves and promoting root absorption rates.

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1. Dilution rate: 5ML Cuka Kayu diluted in 1L of water.
2. Spray once a week and can be applied to all kind of plants especially fruity and flowering plants.
3. Recommended to be used as an alternating application with other pesticide for plant that are severely attacked.


1) Can Cuka Kayu use with other insecticide?

Yes, our recommendation is to use the Cuka Kayu with other insecticide that you use in alternate system.

Recommended to be used alternately with other pesticide for plants that are severely attacked.


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