BioSense Gardening Set


Complete set of organic gardening starter kit.
• Potting Mix (3Kg)
• Biosoil (2Kg)
• Bioactive (250ml, RTU)
• Bioguard (250ml, RTU)
• Cuka Kayu (250ml, RTU)
• Polybag (5 pcs)
• Seeds (2 types)

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Perfect for first time users of BioSense products, the Gardening Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need to start your beautiful garden today. All starter kits come with gardening usage guides. Included in the kit are:
• Potting Mix (3Kg)
• BioSoil (2Kg)
• BioActive (250ml, RTU)
• BioGuard (250ml, RTU)
• Cuka Kayu (250ml, RTU)
• Polybag (5 pcs)
• Seeds (2 types)

Weight 6 kg


1. Put the potting mix into 5 polybags equally.
2. Make small hole about 1cm deep from the surface. One polybag can have about 3 holes.
3. Put 1-2 seeds into each holes and cover the holes back without too much pressure.
4. Mist spray water onto the surface of the potting mix until it looks moist and not too wet.
5. Put the polybag under shades until the seeds germinate which it have 2-3 leaves. Then the polybags should be put to a place that will have some lights.
6. Spray the Bioactive to the plants and soil once in two weeks.
7. Put the Biosoil surround the plant once every two weeks.
8. Bioguard and Cuka Kayu should be use alternately to ensure the effectiveness and keeps the plants away from pest and insects. It should be use once in a month or once in every two weeks if the plant was badly attack by the pest/ insects.


1) How much Biosoil should be put?

Leafy vegetables: 50-100g for each plant (1-2 handful of Biosoil)
Fruity vegetables: 100-200g each plant (2-3 handful of Biosoil)


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