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Blending nourishing nature with sound science.

Give your plants the gift of BioSense!

Blending nourishing nature with sound science.

Every BioSense product is developed with our principles of sustainability and environmental friendliness in mind. They are designed to provide every bit of nourishment needed by your plants and offer the very best protection from pests, all while being safe to use and maintaining soil health in the process.

Our dream is to help the people who grow our food to do so safely and sustainably, to protect our agricultural and horticultural heritage for generations to come.

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Not all that is green, is Green.

Modern industrial farming places great pressure on farms to maximize output at
minimum expense. All around the world, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are
used in abundance to meet industrial farming targets. While chemical products
usually produce more immediate results, this does not come without long-term

Why we discourage the use of Chemical based Fertilizers and Pesticides


Easier to standardize (but this is due to it being highly processed)

Cheaper in the short-term

Does not replenish many trace elements in the soil

Tends to leach from plants and needs repeated applications

Provides immediate nutrients

Usually made from non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels

Over-fertilization can kill plants and unbalance microbial ecosystems

Repeated applications can result in poisonous buildup of chemicals such as cadmium, arsenic and even uranium in the soil, which can make its way into your produce

So, while you are likely to see immediate results with chemical fertilizers, they do little to actually nourish the soil with a vibrant microbial ecosystem and do not promote healthy soil structure. In fact, they may even make your produce toxic.

Nourish the soil, and it will nourish us

Good farming has always been an exercise in patience. Organic fertilizers are beyond any doubt the healthier, more sustainable and environmentally friendlier solution to nourishing your plants. Even if it takes slightly longer for you to see the results, those results will last you for far longer.

BioSense holds strongly to the belief that well nurtured soil will produce the most nourishing plants. For the soil’s nutrients to be properly replenished, the primary ingredient is organic matter.

The BioSense Alternative

Made from naturally occurring organic processes but are harder to standardize.

Breakdown of organic matter releases nutrients more slowly but improves soil structure and its ability to retain moisture.

Renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable.

Promotes a complete and healthy microbial ecosystem.

Costs can be alleviated by producing on your own with composted materials.

Slow release fertilizers make it difficult to over-fertilize plants.

Slightly more expensive.

No risk of toxic chemical buildup.

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The BioSense range of products

We have produced a range of products designed to both nourish and protect your plants.

We are committed to delivering quality to our customers every single time. We work hard to ensure that every packet or bottle that bears the

BioSense name carries with it the highest standards of reliability and consistency.

Our product range includes:

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